Jeff Russo, President/Founder of PFP

"Leading clubs to over 40% of total club revenue in personal training sales."


What is the Pro Fitness Program?

The Pro Fitness Program is a unique sales and service program specifically designed to increase the percentage of club members that elect to utilize the services of a personal trainer. The structured on-boarding process ensures the vast majority of members that join a club each month undergo a comprehensive fitness consultation and assessment which is typically performed four times throughout the year.  The program utilizes a fitness assessment protocol which members and staff can refer and compare to throughout the life of the membership. This assessment, performed by sales oriented Fitness Consultants is the catalyst that sets the stage for the member realistically progressing towards their goals. As a result of this process over 30% (average) of a club’s newly enrolled members elect to purchase personal training.


How can Styku clients benefit from this program?

There are many reasons why clubs that utilize the Pro Fitness Program generate so much revenue from personal training but the specialty of the company is their proficiency in sales training. Though more and more of their clients now utilize the Styku scanner the majority still perform the fitness assessments utilizing a less sophisticated device. The fact that Pro Fitness program clients learn how to create value, overcome objections and execute all the other essential aspects of sales with a less advanced body comp analyzer then imagine what can be accomplished when combining that skill with the WOW factor of a Styku scanner!  


What’s the bottom line?

If you are not satisfied with the amount of revenue you earn from your personal training efforts then check out the website. The company, which has served hundreds of independent clubs over 20 years, includes 8 days of in-club training in the first year alone.  Stykuprovides the leading body scanning device in the fitness industry and the professionals at the Pro Fitness Program will accelerate your investment in no time! Contact the Pro Fitness Program for exclusive Styku client pricing.


Build Awareness, Drive Commitment, and Provide Evidence

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