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Styku Practitioner Course

Become an expert in human body measurement data collection and analysis as a certified Styku Practitioner and Operator

Course Creator: Joshua Dexheimer, PhD, CSCS


Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the functionalities of Styku 3D body scanning technology by breaking down the software and hardware components
  • Compare and contrast 3D optical imaging with other methods of assessing human body shape and composition to evaluate the strengths and limitations
  • Summarize how 3D optical imaging is utilized to evaluate human body measurements
  • Use the summary reports generated by Styku to assist clients to identify strengths and weaknesses in their health goals
  • Effectively utilize the Styku software to communicate results to clients
  • Analyze and interpret the data generated by each module of the Styku software to communicate meaningful results to clients
  • Evaluate data collected from Styku Leaderboard to identify areas of improvement in a business's health and wellness programs

Lesson Modules