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Efficiently Prove Circumference Reduction With 3D Imaging

The most advanced imaging solution for non-invasive body contouring treatments




Styku's fully integrated 3D software solution allows clinicians to effectively monitor inch-loss post Emerald Laser treatment

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99.6% measurement reliability in just 40 seconds. Enable your staff to spend less time measuring and more time on patient care

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Styku vs Competing Scanners

Taking patient measurements with a tape measure is inconsistent and unreliable. Styku eliminates human error. Additionally, the system gives body fat analysis, body shape analysis, along with fitness and health analysis to help your patients achieve their goals
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Larry Helwig
Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics
I finally have an objective measure that validates the results from body contouring devices. Styku’s scanner has become the most valuable tool in my body consultation and follow-up. Forget the tape measure and 2D photography–3D is today’s technology.
J.D. McCoy
Contour Medical

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