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Styku Developer API

External API

Styku API provides access to the below Members information:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Email Address

Key Measurements for each scan performed:

  • Height (inches)
  • Weight (Pounds)
  • Chest
  • High Hip
  • Low Hip
  • Waist (narrowest)
  • Waist (lower)
  • Waist (abdominal)
  • Fat Mass (pounds)
  • Body Fat % 

For More information about Body Fat % values see: https://www.styku.com/research 



In order to access the API you must be a Styku Customer and have filled out the API request form below so that we may reach out to you for next steps.


Technical Information

API details, sample code, and information on how to use the API is published on: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/Styku/external-api/1.0.0 



1. What does the Styku API provide?

Styku API provides Members basic profile information and key measurement data for each Scan in the members record so that you may integrate it into your Application. For exact details see above.

2. What type is the Styku API?

Styku API is a REST based API which pulls information securely from the Styku Server.

3. How do I use the Styku API?

Styku API is designed to be used from your service back-end to ensure that the data is provided securely to your application or web front-end. For details see the API documentation here.

4. Which Platforms can I integrate the Styku API with?

Styku API can be integrated with any platform since the API is meant to be integrated with your service back-end. Styku can provide sample code for React Native Client for either Android, iPhone, node.js server, or Web Client.

5. How do I map Styku Measurement Data to body markers definitions? 

Styku variables that map are the following:

  • Waist (Narrowest) - circumference at the narrowest part of the torso between the hip and the chest.  

  • Waist (Abdominal) - circumference just above the navel.

  • Waist (Lower) - circumference across the iliac crest, under the navel, where your pant waist sits on your body.

  • High Hip - circumference mid-way between the Waist (Lower) and Low Hip.

  • Low Hip - circumference at the fullest point of the buttocks in the “back” direction (+Y).

  • API variables map for the Waist region:
    • naturalWaist = Waist (narrowest)

    • stomachWidth = Waist (lower)

    • stomachWidth2 = Waist (abdominal)